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The keto diet has become popular in recent years due to its efficacy in aiding weight loss while still allowing dieters to enjoy some of their favorite foods.


Grilled lobster is an amazing Keto-friendly meal that’s sure to make your taste buds come alive! Whether you choose to broil, bake, smoke, or even boil the lobster it provides a delicious treat for all types of eaters. Packed with protein and healthy fats from the tail, it makes for a complete and nutritious meal. Not only can you swap out carbs like starchy vegetables or grains with this grilled delight but you’ll still get an impressive amount of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients. This low-carb option is sure to excite your taste buds and deliver maximum health benefits as well!

Lobster is not only packed with delectable flavor, but it proves to be a nutritional powerhouse.

It provides a great source of lean protein, containing roughly 18 grams of protein per 3-ounce serving. This delicious crustacean also has ample amounts of selenium and phosphorus, important minerals critical for proper metabolism, strong bones, and healthy neurological development. Plus, the alluring lobster packs in vitamin B12 which helps boost energy levels and encourages a more beneficial nervous system. In fact, each serving contains 7 micrograms of B12 – providing more than half your daily requirement! So deliciously nutritious and definitely worth every bite.

Grilled lobster is a favorite among seafood fans, as it is both delicious and nutritious. Making a keto-grilled lobster requires few ingredients and a bit of know-how. Here’s an easy-to-follow guide to help you master this keto-friendly delight.

Ingredients and advice:

To begin, you’ll need two fresh lobsters of a size suitable for grilling. If you’re not an experienced lobster buyer, look for 1-pound crustaceans. If you’ve never purchased lobsters or are unsure of their freshness, ask the fishmonger for recommendations.

Instructions and Preparation:

Once you’ve selected two fresh lobsters, it’s time to prepare them for the grill. Begin by cutting each lobster in half lengthwise. Gently flip the lobster shell over so that you can remove the black digestive tract running along the inner spine. This can be done with a spoon or with a set of tweezers.

After the lobsters are clean, brush each half lightly with olive oil before placing them on the hot grill. Allow the lobsters to cook for approximately three to four minutes. Rotate them frequently to ensure even cooking.

The moment they have had a chance to achieve a gorgeous reddish-brown color, remove the lobsters from the heat. Squeeze some lemon juice over the lobster halves and finish off with a light sprinkle of sea salt.

With your keto-grilled lobsters ready to be served, you can enjoy them in their natural juices or with any preferred accompaniment. A light and fresh summer salad is a great choice, with extra flavorful ingredients such as capicola or prosciutto adding a special touch. Or, you could serve the lobsters simply with some garlic butter, if you prefer.

No matter how you serve them, keto-grilled lobsters are sure to be a hit at any summertime or seafood-themed event.

With a few ingredients and a few minutes of cooking time, you too can master the art of creating this delicious and nutritious dish. Grilled lobster is a seafood fan favorite for good reason! This delicacy can be prepared in several different ways, from classic buttery recipes to spicy twists on the traditional. The sweet, succulent flavor of grilled lobster is unparalleled and the tender texture makes it hard to resist! Plus, you don’t need special equipment or ingredients – simply fire up your grill and brush the lobster with olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, or herbs of your choice. With minimal effort, you’ll have an impressive dish that will be sure to impress all your guests!


Alexandra ReedNutrition Coach